Jul 15

To Dayna and the rest of the DF Staff Team


I'm sorry, this is long overdue. My home-life currently is extremely... iffy to say the least. I haven't been able to contact anyone until now. I'm typing this from my brothers school laptop (discord is blocked, so i cant message ya'll directly). I'm beyond sorry that i haven't been able to contact any of you guys for the past couple of weeks, its been stressing me out. Please, if any LEET staff are reading this, please tell them what I've said here (Skylar, or IG). Ill be honest, i have no idea when i can rejoin the discord, but I'm trying my best here. I hope you're all doing well, i hope for the best for all of you, ill come back when i can, again im so so sorry for my inactivity.. Ill see you all soon. <3




(btw sktylar ur a pleb)

I'll definitely let them know! Take care!

How did you know I was gonna read this (0)=(0)............ hacking me I see XD. On a side note I understand and hope to see your around m8

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