Apr 14

Ban Appeal for Griefing


Minecraft Username - ProbableMovie24


I was banned on the SMP sever.


I personally believe that I should be unbanned because during the time I was caught in the heat of the moment and I did those horrible actions. Now I know my mistakes and realize what I did was wrong. At the time, I was still new and I didn't bother to read the rules of the server, which I should of. I knew griefing was bad, but I did not think of anything else. I thought I could possibly get away with this without consequences and now my consequence has come. I want to humbly apologize to everyone I upset and griefed in that sever. I now understand what I did was wrong and I will never do such a thing or violate any of the rules ever again.

Apr 15Edited: Apr 15

A few blocks in someones base

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