Nov 22, 2018

Spawn progress


Lord of the Rings fans ( #lotr ) and #Hobbit fans, Isengard is being built on dragonfly! Check out the progress and go to /warp mines and follow the path out of the caves. #minecraft 48161 or for true lord of the rings fans: 48161 😋




New Posts
  • Thanks to LEET, our server host, they have updated bedrock servers early and we have the 1.13 update! 48161 Connect to play - updated spawn coming soon :D
  • Bedrock SMP is now 1.13 so come and join! 34343 (version 1.13) And enjoy the new fox update!!!
  • Take a break from survival - Dragonfly PC has some fun games - check them out! Just do /pg and you have access to tons of GUI games! Win rewards and try to get top score-multiplayer also available! #minecraft #games
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