Oct 17, 2018

The mines are open!


If you haven't updated your device to 1.7 yet (don't update or you can't join! We should be updating soon, though, as soon as LEET releases this update) - come check out the new mines!! I had a lot of fun making these! This is only a small part of what the mines are! dragonfly.pocket.pe 48161 (or if you are a lord of the rings fan: lotr.pocket.pe 48161) and it's at /warp mines




New Posts
  • Thanks to LEET, our server host, they have updated bedrock servers early and we have the 1.13 update! pe.dragonflymc.net 48161 Connect to play - updated spawn coming soon :D
  • Bedrock SMP is now 1.13 so come and join! dragonflymc.pocket.pe 34343 (version 1.13) And enjoy the new fox update!!!
  • Take a break from survival - Dragonfly PC has some fun games - check them out! Just do /pg and you have access to tons of GUI games! Win rewards and try to get top score-multiplayer also available! pc.dragonflymc.net #minecraft #games
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