Apr 17

Hello, I want to help with on the bedrock server! My In-Game-Name is Phorx3. Thank you!


I'd advise you not to grief a server you want to become staff on. Just a little bit of advice there kiddo. 🤣 Have a good day

I haven't grief the server believeserve server glaube believe me!

You did..i saw you placing water at plots..well trying to. Be considerate of other people's hard work. Have some respect.

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  • Im back! I cant access the discord for 14 more days, but im completely free in mc. Tell me when any of yall (Dayna, Sky, Etc.) are on DF! Im excited to hear from you guys! Been ages!!
  • These are rules for our forums: 1. Do not spam - Not "hello", not "goodbye" and not anything in-between. Keep the use of caps to a minimum. I really don't like seeing huge spam lettering before I've had my morning coffee. 2. No cussing or swearing, being inappropriate or anything in-between. No talk about suicide or similar as we don't really need that in our lives! Like seriously?? Does this need to be explained further?? 3. No Advertising Other Communities Here. 4. Be nice - If I have to explain this is any detail, you're already in trouble. 5. Don't be obnoxious or a drama maker. ZERO DRAMA TOLERANCE. If you have beef with someone, take it to DMs, not here. 6. Do not create alts to bypass punishments. You can apply for an unban here on the forums. 7. Do not post/share in-game exploits or hacks-- message me if you find one so we can correct it. 9. Do not be disrespectful to anyone! Too much hate in this world and drama creators - Let's be the better person and if something/someone upsets you on social media, you have the power to walk away and not respond. You have friends here who can support you if you need it, so just DM me or anyone else you are close to here in our community and we can help you out! <3 Be the lighthouse not the storm. ~DaynaSea
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